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We could not contain our enthusiasm when we entered Mjejane at the security gate. The first thing we did was to open our windows to experience the bush atmosphere. The few kilometres we had to drive to the lodge gave us a taste of the richness of the animal life in Mjejane. White rhino, giraffe and zebra were first to be marked off on our sighting list.

Unpacking at the lodge, took us less than 10 minutes with the assistance of the friendly lodge personnel. Spacious air-conditioned bedrooms and a lovely relaxing lounge with bar, ensured leisure time till late in the night.

On the deck with a cold beverage in hand we enjoyed the sight of elephants grazing in the riverbed with a waterbuck and impala also enjoying the fresh green grass at the water. The view from the pool and Jacuzzi gave us another perspective of the Kruger National Park.

Armed with cameras, binoculars and a sun downer cooler box, the game ranger assisted us on to the game viewing vehicle. After a quick do’s and don’ts briefing by the game ranger, we drove off for some exciting game viewing.

Half an hour into our drive the ranger received a message via radio…… Lions!! We set off towards Crocodile Dam and on the dam wall we found 5 lions. The lions were laying 20m from the vehicle. They got up one by one and walked past our vehicle and then back into the bush! It was the first time that we were so close to lions in an open vehicle.

After a lovely dinner around the boma fire, the sound of the Crocodile River hushed me to bed. Early the next morning, we were off for our morning drive with coffee and rusks.

Just outside our camp gate we saw two young male cheetahs. We were able to follow them along the road down to the river where they were on the lookout for something to hunt. We left the cheetah and were on our way to a herd of buffalo. One of our favourite times in the bush is to stop at a herd of buffalo and just sit and watch them grazing as they surround the vehicle.

Alongside the river we also saw some special bird species like trumpeter Hornbill (seven of them in the same tree), African Hawk Eagle, Fish eagle family eating fish. Hippos were relaxing in the river as far as you can look upstream. The amount of animals and birds we saw in a day took our breath away - white rhino muddling in the mud, a 3m python crossing the road, leopard in a tree and wild dogs sleeping under a tree. What made Mjejane unique for us is the fact that you can stay with a sighting for as long as you like without other vehicles cramping up the area.

With every game drive at Mjejane we became aware that we have invested in something special for the years to come.


Submitted by Johan Bornman, one of our shareholders at 22 Mjejane Game Reserve.

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