Fractional Ownership also known as co-ownership of a luxurious holiday home.
Unlike timeshare, Fractional Ownership is an asset on your balance sheet.
Day-to-day management are being taken care of by a managing agent.
Monthly expenditure shared between the shareholders.
Rent out your unused weeks.
Exchange to different holiday destinantion.
Right amount of holiday time at the right amount.

Turn up your speakers
for the Full Experience



Portfolio of 96 female animals 11 rare and exotic game species.

Minimum investment R470 000,00.

Bi-Annual Dividend.

Joint Venture with a Top Game Breeder to obtain prime male genetics.

Professionally managed on behalf of Investors.

Option to acquire the true farm life by receiving:

Exclusive accommodation and sole access to the game farm;

Exclusive hunting opportunities.


Political uncertainty.
Constant crime and violence.
Inflation on the increase.
Rand Hedging.
Make sure to use your offshore allowance.
Diversify your investment portfolio.
No tax or exchange controls in Dubai.
Quarterly Dividends.